Tanks sold off at Normandy Museum

7496130619222104RFI is reporting that the planned auction of military vehicles and artifacts at the Normandy Tank Museum took place this weekend. A M4 Sherman tank was sold for 280,000 euros and an M5 Stuart was sold for 230,000 euros.  A German WW2 era side car equipped motorcycle fetched a price of 130,000 euros, significantly higher than the 45,000 maximum price established prior to the auction.  The Normandy Tank Museum had been open for three years and was owned by a 67 year old former Air France pilot and collector of militaria named Patrick Nerrant.  Reasons for the closing of the museum included a decline in tourism and problems with the economy.

Read the RFI article here.

Correction: We found a full list of items and prices and it appears the numbers reported in the RFI article are not correct.  Here is the full list:

1 défense anti-aérienne 1500
2 Pilote de Chasse 2500
3 Pilote de P47 3500
4 ensemble pilote Briefings 3400
5 officier pilote 1500 [Read more…]