M60 on display for 15 years started up and moved

Local News 8 in Idaho is reporting that an M60 tank on static display in a park in St. Anthony was started up and moved under it’s own power in order to receive a paint job.

The longstanding tank at Clyde Keefer park in St. Anthony is no longer there, at least for now.  That’s because city officials, along with a few members of the military, drove the tank to the city garage to clean it, sand blast it, and paint it.  “I get notices from the army once a year asking if we’re taking good care of our tank,” said Mayor Niels Thueson of St. Anthony. “And I write them back and I say, yea we’re taking good care of your tank, but it needs a paint job. Well they wrote back and said, well paint it.”

M60 video