Tank chats #10 Crossley Chevrolet Armored Car

The Tank Museum presents another installment in their series of Tank Chat videos starring David Fletcher.  This episode takes a look at the Crossley Chevrolet Armored Car.

Armoured cars had proved so successful in India during the First World War, that shortly after its end the Indian Government ordered 16 Rolls-Royce cars. However, these proved so expensive that subsequent orders were placed with Crossley Motors in Manchester who made a tough but cheap 50hp IAG1 chassis. Substantial numbers of these cars were supplied between 1923 and 1925.

The car shown in this film was presented to The Tank Museum by the Government of Pakistan in 1951.

Tank Chats #9 Whippet – Medium A

The ninth in a series of short films about some of the vehicles in our collection presented by The Tank Museum’s historian David Fletcher MBE.
While the heavy tanks were designed for direct attacks against enemy trenches the Tank Corps also wanted a lighter, faster tank to work with the cavalry over open country. Designed by Sir William Tritton and built by Fosters of Lincoln the Medium A, or Whippet, was the only such tank to see service with the Tank Corps, starting in 1918.



Also, here is a video of the Whippet in use.

Tank Chats #8 Renault FT-17

The Tank Museum has released the eighth video in their Tank Chats series staring David Fletcher.  This episode focuses on the Renault FT-17

Conceived by General Jean-Baptiste Estienne and manufactured under the control of the Renault Company this was the world’s first mass-produced tank, 3800 being built in all.

They went into action for the first time on 31 May 1918 near Ploissy-Chazelle and proved very successful when they were used in numbers. British forces used a few Renaults as liaison vehicles while the United States Army used them in combat and copied the design.

Tank Chats #7 British Mark II with David Fletcher

The Tank Museum has posted another installment in their Tank Chats series featuring David Fletcher.

The seventh in a series of short films about some of the vehicles in our collection presented by The Tank Museum’s historian David Fletcher MBE.

Only fifty tanks each of Marks II and III were produced. They were unarmoured, in the sense that the steel from which they were built was not heat treated to make it bullet proof. The reason being that these tanks were only intended for use as training machines.

The chief external differences from Mark I lay in the tail wheels, which were not used on Marks II and III and later heavy tanks, the narrower driver’s cab and the ‘trapezoid’ hatch cover on the roof.

Tank Chats #5 Lanchester Armored Car

The Tank Museum has released the fifth video in their series of “Tank Chat” videos featuring tank expert David Fletcher.  This episode features the Lanchester Armored Car.

Tank Chats #4 Vickers Armstrongs Mark E

David Fletcher MBE of the Tank Museum returns with another Tank Chat video.  This episode looks at the Vickers Armstrong Mark E.

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