Video: Challenger 1 Tank Walk Around

From Tank Nut Dave comes this short video walk around of the British Challenger I MBT.

From the Vault: M60 tank videos

Today we present a series of video clips about the US M60 Main Battle Tank.

Our first video came to our attention when it was posted in a thread on Tank-Net earlier this month.  It includes some rather interesting footage taken by a camera inside the turret of a Marine Corps M60A1 during a live fire exercise.


This video uploaded by TankNutDave is from the 1980’s and shows crewmen of an M60A3 explaining the turret operations of the tank.


Next up is a 1960’s era government documentary (part of “The Big Picture” series) on the development of the M60 tank.  This video contains a good deal of footage of the M60 production line at the Detroit Tank Arsenal.


Finally, we finish are selection with this video of an M60 tank being used to crush a Mazda.

Leopard 2 Gallery from TankNutDave

leopard has posted a photo gallery of the Leopard 2 which fans of modern German armor may find interesting.  TankNutDave also maintains a rather large collection of videos at his youtube channel. The videos range from clips of vehicles driving around to a tour of the Bovington Tank Museum’s Vehicle Convervation Center. homepage.

TankNutDave Youtube Channel