US World War II tank nicknames

names listOver at War History Online they have posted an article by Wargamings Military Specialist, Nicholas “the Chieftain” Moran on how US WW2 tanks got their names.  In particular, Moran focuses on some comments made during the WoT Operation Think Tank forum in which several prominent armor experts were in agreement that there was no official US recognition of the nicknames based on famous generals given to US tanks.  To make his case, Moran provides an image of a memo from November 1944 from General Barnes of the Ordnance Dept. listing approved nicknames for several US tanks, artillery and small arms.  Included in the list are the nicknames General Stuart (M5 light tank), General Sherman (M4 medium tank), General Jackson (M36 tank destroyer) and General Chaffee (M24 light tank.) However, Moran points out that:

There is one very obvious and disappointing omission here, however, that being the 3″ GMC M10. I have never been a supporter of the name “Wolverine”, and though it’s commonly stated on websites, I have seen no War Office documentation to support the proposal that it was a British name. Further, it fits in with neither the British policy on naming US tanks, nor on their policies of naming artillery pieces after the clergy or the letter “A.” Even “Achilles” didn’t show up as a name until very late in the war.

The full original article can be read here.


Inside the Tanks: The T-72 – AU Armour & Artillery Museum

Wargaming Europe has released a new installment of their video series featuring “The Challenger” Richard Cutland.  This episode focuses on the Soviet T-72 although it also includes some quick footage of the Australian Armor and Artillery Museum.  The blog “Status Report” has made a post critical of the video, claiming that it includes several errors.

Inside the Tanks: The AMX 13 Part 1

Wargaming Europe has released a new installment of their “Inside the Tanks” video series.  This episode features series host “The Challenger” (Richard Cutland) examining a restored AMX-13 light tank belonging to collector Warwick Bolton.