Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Achilles Part 1

A new installment in the “Inside the Hatch” series of videos featuring Nick Moran of World of Tanks.  This episode looks at the British Achilles tank destroyer, also known as “Gun, Quick-firing, 17 pounder on Self Propelled Mount M10 Mk1C.”  This particular example is the one formerly owned by Jacques Littlefield.

Nicholas Moran on WoT tank research

While we don’t usually present items on tank themed video gaming, this presentation by Nick “The Chieftain” Moran may be of interest to those interested in how World of Tanks conducts their vehicle research.

WoT History of Tanks Videos

Here are a series of videos by World of Tanks documenting the history of tanks by country.  The content seems reasonably accurate. The computer graphics seem to be taken directly from the game (unfortunately.) These videos are not new, but we figured they were good enough for a slow news day.

Nuts and Bolts of Tanks Video SeriesWoT

A couple weeks ago we posted links to a Russian language series of videos created by World of Tanks examining different factors in tank design.  I appears that World of Tanks Europe has released a similar English language version of the series as well.  These videos are pretty basic in terms of the information presented, but people may enjoy the footage presented.

“The Main Thing about Tanks” WoT videos

Here are a series of short videos from the World of Tanks official video channel explaining some basics on tank history and development.  These videos are in Russian, but English subtitles are available.

The main thing about the tanks. Weaponry

The main thing about the tanks. Engine

The main thing about the tanks. The Chassis.

The main thing about the tanks. Layout.

The main thing about the tanks. The Hull.

The main thing about tanks. The Turret.

(we omitted one video from this series since it did not have English subtitles. For those that wish to view it, it is available here.)

WoT History Articles translated to English

At the Russian language World of Tanks website, they frequently publish articles on the history of various tanks and vehicles written by their staff of researchers.  Fortunately for English language readers, the Archive Awareness blog regularly translates and posts these articles.  April saw a good number of these translated articles posted online.  Here are some links to the most recent ones.

World of Tanks History Section: SOMUA S35

World of Tanks History Section: Infantry’s Fangs (anti-tank rifles)

World of Tanks History Section: Tanks in the Far East

World of Tanks History Section: K2 Black Panther

World of Tanks History Section: PT-76

Articles on Nicholas Moran, WoT’s “The Chieftain”

2ebzecyMilitary Times has published two new articles about Wargamming’s North American tank researcher and “chief evangelist” Nicholas Moran, aka The Chieftain.  One article focuses on Moran’s role as an employee of Wargamming.  It also looks at “The Chieftain’s Hatch” section of the World of Tanks forum where Moran publishes articles based on his research.  Here is one of the more interesting excerpts from the article:

He sees part of his mission at Wargaming as helping dispel myths and misconceptions — perpetuated mostly by movies — about armored warfare during World War II.

Consider the M4 Sherman tank, he says, long disparaged as the scrappy, if inadequate, answer to the Nazis’ armored divisions. [Read more…]