Book News: WoT Books on SU-152 and T-34 delayed again

According to Amazon, the books on the T-34 and the SU-152 being put out by World of Tanks have been delayed until summer of 2017.  Originally slated for a summer 2016 release, these books were then pushed back to November of 2016.  Now it appears the wait will be even longer.  These books are hardcover volumes authored by Russian researchers.  The SU-152 book is written by Yuri Pasholok and the T-34 book by A. Ulanov.  Hopefully this delay is the last one these books will suffer, we have been looking forward to these.

Book Alert: World of Tanks books to be released in English

9781940169033_7The website for Casemate books is listing a March 16 releases for two books in the “World of Tanks” series published by  These books were originally released in Russia and claim to contain research based on archival materials never before examined or  published.

The first book is “The T-34 Goes to War” by A. Ulanov, D. Shein and Dana Lombardy.  The book is hardcover, has 224 pages and includes photos, illustrations, tables, diagrams, and color plates.  The second book is “SU-152 and Related Vehicles” by Yuri Igorevich Pasholok and Christopher Parker.  This volume is 272 pages in hardcover.

Publishers Description:

9781940169026_7In 2012, the company that created World of Tanks, the phenomenal worldwide massive, multi-player online game, started publishing a series of books in Russian that utilized Soviet documents and archival materials that had never before been seen by outsiders or published in any language about the design, procurement, development, manufacturing, and combat employment of Soviet armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) during World War Two (the Great Patriotic War to Russians). Now these remarkable books are being published in English with the obvious aphorism The Russian View.