IHS Jane’s 360 – IDEX 2017 videos

Here are some videos from the youtube channel of IHS Jane’s 360 showing some of the vehicles on display at IDEX 2017 described by Christopher Foss.




Sweden to upgrade Leopard 2 and CV90

strv122-cv9040IHS Jane’s is reporting that the Swedish Army  has ordered upgrades to 350 of its Leopard 2 main battle tanks and CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.  According to Jane’s the cost of the upgrade work is worth nearly USD300 million.  Under the work both vehicles will have their existing Tactical Command and Control System (TCCS) replaced with a new Battlefield Management System (BMS).

Under the first contract, worth EUR92 million (USD105 million), Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) will provide renovation and refurbishment kits for 88 of the Swedish Army’s Stridsvagn 122 MBTs (analogous to the Leopard 2A5) and 8 Bärgningsbandvagn 120 (Bergepanzer BPz3 Büffel) armoured recovery vehicles. Besides the addition of the BMS, work will be undertaken to replace obsolescent parts.

After the upgrade, due to be completed in 2023, the 77 Stridsvagn (Strv) 122A MBTs being modified will be designated Strv C, with 11 upgraded Strv B MBTs being renamed Strv D.

The second contract, worth SEK1.55 billion (USD190 million), will see BAE Systems conduct work to upgrade 262 CV90 IFVs between 2018 and 2020. Alongside replacing the TCCS with the new BMS, this work is to include the replacement of the CV90’s existing Ksp m/39 (M1919A4) coaxial machine guns with the Ksp m/59 (FN MAG) and refurbishing their chassis.

All five of the Swedish Army’s CV90 variants will go through the upgrade, namely: 172 Strf 9040 IFVs, 40 Stripbv 90 command vehicles, 22 Epbv 90 forward observation vehicles, 16 Lvkv 90 air defence vehicles, and 12 Bgbv 90 armoured recovery vehicles.

Besides the generic upgrades across all the variants, the Epbv 90 and Lvkv 90 variants will have their thermal imagers replaced by the same one used by the Strf 9040C IFV. The Strf 9040s will also receive a software update to their fire control systems.

AFV news from Jane’s

IHS Jane's 360Jane’s 360 has several AFV related headlines on their site currently.  Rather than make a individual post for each, we will list the headlines below.  None of these stories are particularly earth shattering, but they may be of interest to some readers.

Iraq, Saudi Arabia reportedly interested in placing major BMP-3 orders

Pentagon budget 2016: lawmakers fund up-gunned Stryker project

Brazilian Navy M113 upgrade now on track

Malaysian Army chief bullish on AV8 deliveries

Afghan National Army to receive more Commando Select 4x4s

Lithuania orders German PzH 2000s

Video: Christopher Foss on Warrior IFV upgrades at DSEI 2015

Here is a video from the recent DSEI 2015 exhibition explaining the Warrior capability sustainment program (WCSP) for the UK Warrior IFV.  Click on the image below to go to the video.

wcsp video

Lithuania favoring Boxer 8×8 IPV to replace M113

ifvJane’s is reporting that the Lithuania’s military has recommended the country buys the ARTEC Boxer 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle.  ARTEC is a joint venture between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann & Rheinmetall MAN. The new wheeled IFV will equip two battalions of the ‘Iron Wolf’ mechanised infantry brigade to replace obsolete M113 tracked armored personnel carriers. Each battalion will consist of three companies, each with 10-12 IFVs, for a total of 60-72 IFVs. The program award will be biggest contract ever for the Lithuanian Armed Forces, worth about  $502 million. Delivery is to begin in 2017 and continue until 2020.  Several companies were invited for negotiations, including: Elbit, FNSS, KMW/ARTEC, Lockheed Martin UK, Nexter, Patria, Otokar, Oto Melara/Iveco, General Dynamics Land Systems and General Dynamics European Land Systems.

Full article here.

Here is a video of Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss describing the Boxer in 2014.

Christopher Foss videos from IDEF 2015

Here are a series of videos produced by Jane’s featuring Christopher Foss describing some of the vehicles on display at last months IDEF 2015 conference in Turkey.  While we had posted the clip featuring the Altay earlier last month, we are re-posting it here so as to have them all in one place.

IDEF 2015: The final prototype of the Otokar Altay main battle tank

IDEF 2015: Tulpar Otokar armoured infantry fighting vehicle

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Jane’s 360: Russia’s Armor Revolution

hBRvUIHS Jane’s 360 has posted a fairly detailed article analyzing the latest developments in Russian AFV design.  Declaring the new line of Russian vehicles “a revolution” in AFV design, the article uses photos from the May 9 Victory Day parade to draw some new conclusions regarding some of the technical details of these vehicles.

Paraded uncovered for the first time on 9 May in Moscow, Russia’s new range of armoured vehicles represent not only the biggest change in the country’s armoured vehicle families since the 1970s but also a new design ethos.

While the vehicles’ designs partly involve radical rather than revolutionary innovation, the scale and ambition of the change they embody is nothing short of a revolution. Together, the Armata, Kurganets, Boomerang, and Koalitsiya and other vehicles on show will replace nearly all Russia’s existing vehicle families as, remarkably, Russia is attempting to replace all its main armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) families at the same time.

Read the entire article here.

Video: Otokar Altay main battle tank

Jane’s has released a video of Christopher Foss describing the final prototype of the Turkish Otokar Altay main battle tank at the IDEF 2015 conference.

Book Alert: IHS Jane’s Land Warfare Platforms AFVs

download (2)For the tank enthusiast who really wants to impress his friends and has far too much disposable income, allow us to suggest the IHS Jane’s Land Warfare Platforms: Armoured Fighting Vehicles Yearbook.  Written by Christopher Foss, this book provides descriptions and technical data for over 430 land warfare platforms from over 60 countries and the newest edition will be released on July 10, 2015.  All for the low low price of $1025.00!  If that is not enough to impress your friends, then may we recommend also getting the Land Warfare Platforms Yearbook set, which includes the AFV Yearbook, the Artillery & Air defense Yearbook, the Logistics, Support & Unmanned Vehicles Yearbook and the System Upgrades Yearbook.  The 2013-2014 edition will only set you back a mere $3123.75.

Obviously, these books are typically only purchased by government and industry and are well outside the price range of the typical armor enthusiast.  However, since these books are published annually, older copies can sometimes be found for reasonable prices online.  While not up to date, these older editions still contain a great deal of information that will interest  tank and AFV enthusiasts.  Here at Tank and AFV News.com, our copy of 1992-1993 AFV Retrofit Systems gets thumbed through regularly for information.  Early 90’s copies of the AFV Retrofit Systems book can be found for as little as $15.99.  Jane’s also publishes a Tank Recognition Guide written by Christopher Foss intended for the general public.

Christopher Foss on Leopard 2A7+

Leopard 2A7Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss describes the latest version of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Leopard 2 tank in this video filmed at the IDEX 2015 Convention in the UAE.

The embed code does not seem to be working, please click here to view video.