Collings Foundation gets approval for new museum

CollingsMetroWest Daily News is reporting that the Planning Board of Stow, Massachusetts and the Collings Foundation have reached a settlement that will allow construction of a new museum to move forward.  In 2014 the Collings Foundation came into possession of much of the AFV collection from the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation.  The MVTF collection was the largest privately owned collection of tanks and armored vehicles in the world, and was the work of Jacques Littlefield, who died in 2009.  While some of the collection has been auctioned off, the most interesting and valuable items have been retained by the Collings Foundation.  Construction of a museum to house many of these rare and unique vehicles has been delayed as the Collings Foundation and the town of Stow have worked out an agreement.  According to the MetroWest Daily News article, the Collins Foundation says they hope the new museum will open this time next year.


Article excerpt:

STOW — With a new road being built off Main Street in Hudson, the Collings Foundation hopes its new museum will open this time next year.

The project is allowed to proceed after the Stow Planning Board and the foundation reached a settlement in Middlesex Superior Court earlier this month. The roadwork is being done under a temporary building permit, which expires Sept. 1.

This weekend’s Race of the Century event will be the last event where traffic comes in off Barton Road in Stow, a tiny lakeside street the many neighbors say is too narrow for increased traffic.

Bob Collings, co-founder of the foundation, said the road from Hudson is only major change to the plans. For several years, neighbors resisted the nonprofit’s plan to expand its collection of tanks and warplanes into a full-scale museum about American combat.

The Planning Board unanimously signed the settlement after receiving guidance from town counsel, said Planning Board Chairwoman Lori Clark during a public hearing last week.

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Littlefield’s Panther Video Clip

Here is a two minute video excerpt from the TV show “Strange Inheritance” featuring the restored WW2 German Panther tank owned by the late Jacques Littlefield.  This vehicle is part of the collection that now belongs to the Collings Foundation.


Lawsuit over Panzer IV ownership continues

PIV REF2 (1)The Portola Valley Almanac is reporting that the lawsuit against the Collings Foundation brought by Vulcan Warbirds over ownership of a Panzer IV tank continues.  The Panzer IV tank was part of the Jaques Littlefield collection, which was given to the Collings Foundation after Mr. Littlefield passed away in 2009.  Last year Collings Foundation auctioned off part of the collection to pay for a building to house the rest of the collection.  Vulcan Warbirds, which is headed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, had made a bid during the auction which was rejected for not meeting the reserve price.  After the auction ended, Vulcan Warbirds claims to have made an agreement with a representative of the auction house to buy the tank for 2.5 million dollars.  Collings foundation says they did not agree to sell the tank after the auction ended nor did they receive the 2.5 million dollars.  According to an LA Times article, the tank in question was built in 1944 and used as part of the German effort during World War II. It was eventually bought by Syria in the 1950s. The Israelis captured the Panzer in 1967 during the Six-Day War and used it to train soldiers before retiring it to the Israeli Armor Museum.  In 2003 it was purchased by the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (Littlefield Collection.)

The original auction listing for this Panzer IV can be viewed here.