A century of the tank: Mark 1 vs Altay

01 - Front CoverTurkish defense contractor Otokar has published a 12 page advertising supplement titled “A century of the tank: Mark 1 vs Altay.”  The article contrasts the Mark 1 tank of a 100 years ago with Otokar’s new Altay main battle tank.  The piece includes a good deal of information about he Altay, including a nice cutaway picture of the vehicle.  The article also includes an essay on the Future of the tank provided by Bovington Tank Museum curator David Willey.  At the end of the piece, David Fletcher of the tank museum is thanked, it’s fair to assume he provided much of the information regarding the Mark 1.

A PDF of the article may be downloaded here.  Also, it can be viewed in an Imgur gallery here.

Altay cutaway

Christopher Foss videos from IDEF 2015

Here are a series of videos produced by Jane’s featuring Christopher Foss describing some of the vehicles on display at last months IDEF 2015 conference in Turkey.  While we had posted the clip featuring the Altay earlier last month, we are re-posting it here so as to have them all in one place.

IDEF 2015: The final prototype of the Otokar Altay main battle tank

IDEF 2015: Tulpar Otokar armoured infantry fighting vehicle

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