Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: AC 1 Sentinel

Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran has posted a new video examining the Australian AC1 Sentinel tank.

Over at the Chieftain’s Hatch section of the WoT forum, member “Bonesaw” has posted links to a couple documents concerning the Sentinel that readers may find of interest.

Australian War Ministry Official Histories – The Role of Science and Industry: Chapter 14 Armored Fighting Vehicles by D.P Mellor.

Australian Cruiser tank mark -1 instruction book (Provisional)

Photo of the day: Mark I tank at Hatfield Park

Today’s POTD ties in with the previous post about the 100th anniversary of the first tank trials at Hatfield Park in 1916.  This photo comes from the book “Eye Witness” by Ernest Dunlop Swinton.  We found the image at this website.  For those interested in checking out “Eye Witness” by Swinton, the book is available for viewing online at the Hathi Trust Digital Library site.


Exhibition at Hatfield House commemorating 100 years since first tank trials

_88934549_8463ba7d-6ccc-4267-bbac-4f1eedbafa63The BBC is running a story about a historic exhibition at the Hatfield House in Hertfordshire UK.  In early 1916 a Mark I tank was trialled at the grounds of the Hatfield House in front of military personnel, politicians and King George V.  These trials are considered the first tank trails in the UK.  At the end of WWI, the 4th Marquess, owner of Hatfield House, was presented with a Mark I tank used in the trials.  In 1969 the tank was given to the Tank Museum in Bovington.  To mark the 100th anniversary of the first tank trials at Hatfield, a replica Mark IV tank owned by  Mac and William McCullagh has been loaned the Hatfield estate where it will be on display.  The exhibition at Hatfield House will run to 30 September 2016.  The replica Mark IV is named “Edwin B14” after a relative of the owners who died at the Battle of Messine Ride in June 1917.  In 2014 this replica tank was placed on top of the Vanguard Holdings Ltd building in Greenford to mark the 100 anniversary of the start of WWI.


For more information on the Mark I tank at Bovington, click here.

Israeli armor get trailers

trailerJane’s is reporting that the IDF is taking delivery of Urdan Backtrail logistics trailers that can be towed by tanks, APCs, and other heavy AFVs.  The trailers have a cargo area measuring 4×2 meters and can carry approximately two tons.  According to the article, Urdan says the Backtrail was “developed in response to the critical logistic requirements of the modern battlefield. It enables the continuous provision of supplies – including fuel, water, weapons, etc – to forces fighting in remote and inaccessible locations.”  Urdan developed the trailer over a four year period starting in 2008, which included driving Backtrail models around the Golan Heights and southern Israel.  The trailer received IDF approval to begin mass production and deliveries in 2014.  The article notes that the trailer can be towed by the Merkava tank , the Namer and Achzarit heavy APCs, and the Puma armored engineering vehicle, but is too heavy for the M113 APC


Stuart tank returned to site of American Car and Foundry factory

WNEP 16 News (Pennsylvania) is reporting that a WW2 era Stuart light tank has found a new home in Berwick PA, site of the former American Car and Foundry factory.

The Stuart Light Tank, called a Stuie, was among 15,000 Stuie Tanks built from 1940 to 1944 at the former American Car and Foundry factory that once stood inside the industrial park.

The tanks were used in combat during World War II in Europe. Many at the celebration are veterans of the war.

“It’s almost like uniting a family.When you lose somebody in battle and they’re over there, and they finally come home, that’s the closing,” said Donald.

Veteran Joe Messina worked at the factory, testing the tanks.

“I test drove them before they went out,” said Messina. “I test drove them when they came out the gate and then I took them.”

The plan is to eventually have the Stuie Tank placed at the entrance to the industrial park. It will serve as a memorial to the Stuie Tanks, the factory, and the thousands of people who worked there.

There is already a historical marker set at the memorial site, which was put there last September on V-E Day to honor the 9,000 workers.

Berwick stuart

Video of the Day: Tank Cemetery

This video presenting pictures of a tank cemetery near Kiev showed up on Youtube earlier today.

From the Vault: The T113 “Kangaroo”

Here is an article from the July-Sept 1958 issues of INFANTRY magazine titled “A New Lift for the Infantryman” by Lt Col Edward H. Simpson.  This article is about the T-113 armored personnel carrier, which was the prototype for the famous M113 APC.  The article gives a pretty good impression of what the Army was expecting out of their new APC, primarily low weight, low cost and better maneuverability.  Interestingly, the author states that the T-113 has been given the unofficial nickname of “The Kangaroo” and refers to it as such several times in the piece.  It’s worth pointing out that the M113 never received an official nickname.

If you would like to download the article in PDF format, the entire July-Sept 1958 issue of INFANTRY can be downloaded here (article starting on page 101 of the PDF)