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Here is a mix of articles from the past two weeks from various news sources.  Click on the headline to go to the full article.

 UPI: South Korea to build more K-2 Black Panther tanks

South-Korea-to-build-more-K-2-Black-Panther-tanksSouth Korea’s military has decided to build an additional 100 K-2 Black Panther tanks.  Seoul’s defense ministry already had planned 200 of the tanks, but is to turn out another 100 tanks of the same model in response to North Korea, local news service Newsis reported.  Pyongyang has been stepping up production of its armored fighting vehicles, and South Korea must be prepared, an unidentified military official told local press. Russian Airborne Forces to Receive T-72 Tanks

t-72b3_-_parad2014nn-08The Russian Airborne Forces (Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii—or VDV) are set to form six armored companies equipped with newly modified T-72B3M (also known as the T-72B3 biathlon) tanks in the second half of 2016. Over the next two years, those six companies will be expanded to battalion strength.


IHS Jane’s: Thailand to procure MBT-3000 tanks from China

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) has signed an agreement with China to procure the MBT-3000 main battle tank (MBT) produced by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), RTA officials confirmed to IHS Jane’s on 16 May.  The contract to procure the MBT-3000, which is also referred to by NORINCO as the VT-4, features an initial 28 units, with deliveries expected to commence before the end of 2016 and conclude within two years. The deal, thought to be valued at about USD150 million, makes Thailand the first known export customer of the type.


UPI: Iran says it has equipped tanks with anti-TOW jamming system

Iran-says-it-has-equipped-tanks-with-anti-TOW-jamming-systemThe head of Iran’s ground forces said Wednesday that the country has quipped its M60 tanks with anti-TOW missile jamming systems.  Brig. Gen. Ahmadreza Pourdastan said in an interview with the army magazine Saf, as reported by the semi-official Fars News Agency, that the new system will also disrupt other anti-tank missiles.


Al Arabiya English: Egypt receives first batch of mine-resistant armored vehicles from US

1304c448-2a04-4773-91a4-45b7b087da91_16x9_788x442.jpgEgypt has received on Thursday its first batch of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles from the United States, the state-run Ahram Online reported the US embassy in Cairo as saying in a statement.  “Today’s delivery is the first batch of a total 762 MRAP vehicles that the United States will transfer to Egypt,” said the statement.


Business Insider: Army says troops lost their way, went off cliff

apnewsbreak-army-says-troops-lost-their-way-went-off-cliffAn Army vehicle took the wrong road in the dark and was making a U-turn when it tumbled 250 feet off a cliff at a Colorado training range last year, killing one soldier and injuring five, according to a newly released investigative report.  The soldier who died had an unspecified medical condition at the time of the February 2015 crash at Fort Carson, and a physician assistant had recommended that he not go on the training exercise, investigators said.


Defense Russia’s New Typhoon Armored Vehicle Under Production

typhoonve_1462192778The first mock-up model of a new Russian assault armored vehicle for use during training is already in production, according to Russian Airborne Troops chief Vladimir Shamanov.
Shamanov told RIA Novosti that as part of the development work, specialists dealing with the Typhoon family of mine-resistant, ambush protected vehicles have worked out a new Typhoon 4х4 armored personnel carriers for use during reconnaissance and by special units of the Russian Airborne and Special Operations Forces.


Russia Beyond the Headlines: Soviet tanks in WWII: The fatal cost of errors

soviet_troops_rian_00001052_bThe organization of modern armed forces is an extremely complicated objective. Russia’s experience with the operation in Syria clearly demonstrates how serious this challenge is. However, in this case Russia is learning from its mistakes – 75 years ago these errors almost led the USSR and its army to ruin.

Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: M3 Grant. Part 1

In the new episode of “Inside the Chieftan’s Hatch”, Nicholas Moran tells us about the British M3 Grant tank.

New German 130mm Gun to be introduced in June

German_Leopard_3_TankIHS Janes is reporting that German gun maker Rheinmetall will be revealing a new 130mm smoothbore tank gun at the Eurostatory exhibition this June.  The article, while quite short, notes that the new 130mm gun should be in production by 2025.  A new turret to house this 130mm gun is being designed, based off the existing Leopard II turret.

Read the IHS Jane’s article here.


Jordan introduces Centurion based APC

1678556_-_mainJane’s IHS is reporting that Jordan has introduced a new version of their heavy APC at the SOFEX 2016 exhibition.   Called the Al-Dawsar, this vehicle is designed by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and is based on the hull of the Jordanian Tariq MBT, a modified Centurion tank.  According to Jane’s, 283 Tariq tanks were built but have since been phased out of frontline service, freeing them up for conversion.  The Al-Dawsar retains the AVDS-1790 engine, Allison CD 850-6A transmission and hydropneumatic suspension of the Tariq.

From the Jane’s IHS Article:

The raised crew and troop compartment is at the front of the hull. In addition to the commander/gunner, it can carry seven dismounts seated individually facing inwards. However, alternative seating arrangements could increase this to up to 10 dismounts. The area to the rear is used to stow equipment such as ammunition.

In addition to the four hatches (three left and one right) in the roof is a hydraulically operated opening in the front left side of the hull. The top part opens upwards and the lower part opens downwards to form a ramp.

The driver’s position is at the front right and has the same yoke-type steering controls as those fitted to the upgraded Tariq, rather than the original tillers/sticks of the Centurion, plus a single-piece hatch and periscopes for observation over the frontal arc.


From the Vault: PS Magazine on the M60A2 (1975)

PS mag M60A2While perusing the online archive of old PS Magazine issues, we came across this article on the M60A2 from 1975.  This piece gives some interesting insight into the operation of the US Army’s least successful MBT of the cold war.  Apparently, the turret of the M60A2 was cramped enough to warrant a warning to soldiers with big feet to avoid kicking the gunners panels which could result in knocking “the firing and alignment mechanisms outta whack.”  The article can be viewed as individual images below or the entire issue can be downloaded as a PDF here.


Video: Chris Foss on Jordanian Armored Vehicles at SOFEX 2016

In this new video filmed at SOFEX 2016 in Jordan, IHS Jane’s reporter Chris Foss  reports on the Jordanian armored vehicles on display.

Photo of the Day: Panther Wreck, 1947

Today’s photo of the day comes from a Daily Mail article containing a number of striking color photos of Europe circa 1947.  This photo of a destroyed German Panther tank (as well as the others in the Daily Mail article) was taken by David Seymour, a renowned photographer of the period.


Germany Wins Strong Europe Tank Challenge

Stars and Stripes is reporting that the tank platoon from the German Bundeswehr has won the Strong Europe Tank Challenge at Grafenwoehr Training Area.  This was the first such exercise held since 1991 and included tank platoons from six NATO countries, Germany, Poland, USA, Slovenia, Italy and Denmark.  The German platoon competed with the Leopard 2A6 main battle tank, while Denmark and Poland used the Leopard 2A5.  The US platoon compete with the Abrams M1A2, the Italian platoon with the Ariete MBT and Slovenia with the M-84.  The German team was rewarded the top prize while Denmark took second place and the Poles secured third place.  It seems bragging rights may be in order for the Leopard 2 tank.

According to an article from, the competition consisted of the following:

Platoons rotated throughout the three events, vying for a possible 1,000 points. Crews conducted both offensive and defensive operations involving fire and maneuver for 350 possible points in each lane.

Mounted orienteering had a possible 300 points that was combined from six 50-point tasks, including a mystery physical challenge that emphasized teamwork. Platoons navigated through an obstacle course with 13 challenges. Soldiers fired 10 rounds from three different locations using their own service weapons during the combat pistol shoot lane. The vehicle identification lane tested the platoons’ abilities to identify 25 friendly and threatening vehicles while traversing through a course. Crews had to recover, hook up and tow vehicles while under a simulated chemical attack. Finally, multinational teams reacted to an improvised explosive device, assessed and treated a casualty, and requested a medical evacuation.

Tank Chats #20 Mark IV

David Fletcher of the Bovington Tank Museum returns for another episode of “Tank Chats.”  This episode looks at the World War I era British Mark IV tank.

Video of the Day: Italian Ariete at Tank Challenge

Here is some footage showing Italian Ariete tanks participating in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge event at Grafenwoehr Training Area.  The SETC is co-hosted by U.S. Army Europe and the German Bundeswehr, May 10-13, 2016. The competition is designed to foster military partnership while promoting NATO interoperability. Seven platoons from six NATO nations are competing in SETC – the first multinational tank challenge at Grafenwoehr in 25 years.