Video Editorial: Why I *Don’t* Hate World of Tanks

Many years ago I had written a piece for my previous blog called Why I Hate World of Tanks.  I decided to expound on that theme a bit more, softening my earlier stance.


  1. I continue to dislike the World of Tanks. Granted its stirred interest.

    But it puts all the fights into a tank vs tank without the combined arms that really are the backbone of operations (US the best but Western Europe, the Russians and the other powers attempt to do that as well.

    It take the while out of the water and that is so out of context as to render it meaningless not to mention perpetuation myths.

    I go back to the Panzer blitz days, and as noted, while the Panther was a powerful tank, in the game it always worked. Thanks to much excellent research, it often did not with only 25% broken down a good day and upwards of 60+ % down on other bad days and operations (Battle of the Bulge) where the reliability was better but the spare parts were worse not to mention it was a awful one to replace the drive train, trany and differential.


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