From the Vault: Churchill tanks tested against beach obstacles

Here is a video from 1942 showing early model Churchill tanks navigating beach obstacles.  The film was created by the C.O.X.E. “Combined Operations Experimental Establishment.”  There is quite a bit of footage of Churchill tanks sporting the “bobbin” carpet laying device.  At 10:25 into the video, a Matilda tank makes a brief appearance.  An worthwhile video for those interested in the history of “Hobart’s Funnies.”


From the Vault: T-92 Light Tank footage

While watching old episodes of “The Big Picture” TV episodes, we noticed footage of the T-92 light tank in the episode “Pentomic Army” from 1956.  The T-92 footage is fairly short, but given the rarity of this vehicle, we felt it was worth sharing.

From the Vault: M551 Sheridan videos and documents

Today we present some historical documents and video concerning the M551 Sheridan light tank.  We start off with a government video showing the conduct of fire procedure for the Sheridan.  The video is dated 1969 and provides plenty of footage for those interested in the operation of the weapons system of the vehicle.

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From the Vault: Panther Videos

Today we present for your viewing pleasure various videos about the German Pz. V Panther.

We will start with this Youtube playlist of clips of Panther restoration.  For those interested in seeing various components of the Panther up close, these should prove satisfying.  There are 20 clips in the playlist, click here to view.

Next is a playlist of five clips of Panther tanks moving around.  These are nice in that they give the viewer an idea of what this vehicle actually sounded like.

Below is a clip called “Panther Graveyard” showing damaged and destroyed Panther tanks filmed at the end of the war.


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From the Vault: War Dept. Film Bulletin Videos

Today we bring you a selection of War Dept. Film Bulletin videos from WWII.  These come from the WWII Archive at  For those who are not familiar with, it is one of the best things about the internet.  It’s really easy to lose track of time while browsing all the old videos and documents they preserve.

We start with War Dept Film Bulletin 3: Tests Of Gun Carriers Etc., 1942.  This clip shows footage of the testing of 37mm anti-tank guns mounted on Jeeps, 75mm guns mounted on halftracks and of a Christie type chassis.

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From the Vault: German anti-tank training videos

Those interested in World War II Eastern Front tank fighting will find these clips from German anti-tank training films worth watching.

The first video is a short one showing various German panzerschreck and panzerfaust being used.

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From the Vault: “The Big Picture” Armor episodes

the big pictureFor those old enough to have grown up during the early days of the Cold War, you may remember a series of films produced by the US Army called “The Big Picture.”  These half hour episodes aired on ABC-TV from 1951 to 1964.  Fortunately, these films have been digitized and we can watch some of the episodes that centered around tanks and armored forces.

See all six videos below:

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From the Vault: Type 95 Ha-Go tested by US troops

SNAFU! blog today posted a link to a new youtube video posted by Digital Implosion showing footage of a WWII era Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank being tested by US troops.  The first half of the video shows the Ha-Go being tested over various terrain features.  The limitations of it’s simple suspension are quite apparent in these videos.  Later in the video, various measurements and armor thicknesses are shown.  The video ends with footage of a race between the Ha-Go and an M5 Stuart.  The Stuart wins by a small margin.

From the Vault: Detroit Tank Arsenal

We are introducing a new catagory to the menu bar of Tank and AFV News called “From the Vault.”  This section will feature videos, pictures and documents that are not “news” yet which we still thing people will find interesting.

We will kick things off with a collection of materials about the Detroit Tank Arsenal.  First, here are two wartime videos about the Tank Arsenal.

Assembly Lines of Defense 20:15

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